The Millbrook Society published the following books and booklets true to its core mission of local history protection, preservation, and education of local history.  Millbrook staff members research, document, and compose these publications using original artifacts and manuscripts from the Society's collection and archives and from materials graciously donated to the Society. 


The Millbrook Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Proceeds of the donations for these publications go directly to supporting Millbrook's mission-specific activities.  Please order online or contact The Millbrook Society at or  215-957-1877 (mailbox).


Hatboro Then & Now (2021, published by The Millbrook Society) - A new Hatboro history in photographs with section introductions and captions.  More than 250 images of what this three-century-old town looked like back THEN and what it looks like NOW.  A companion to Millbrook's earlier publication, Images of America Hatboro, this new book attempts to show many of Hatboro's historic buildings and their evolution over the years.  Section introductions, captions, and maps with numbered locations make this a wonderful guidebook for a walking or driving tour of Hatboro.  $20.00 donation.  Also available at fine retail locations throughout Hatboro.        




1943 Historical and Business Directory (2018, reprint, published by The Millbrook Society) -  Recognizing the 75th anniversary of "a day that will live in infamy" - the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1943, this book provides a snapshot of the Hatboro community in the middle of the World War II years.  It presents a fascinating snapshot of our borough-our government, businesses, culture, and citizens.  You'll read historical accounts, learn about local government, marvel at local advertising, and enjoy many images of local people, places, and things, especially those no longer here.  Millbrook offers this special reprint of the 1943 Directory in two ways: 

FREE - PDF format online, click here.

Soft copy available for $10.00 donation.


Saving and Restoring The Lukens Clock At the Loller Academy (2017, published by The Millbrook Society) -  The Loller Academy, an academy of learning in Hatboro willed by Robert Loller, was completed in 1812.  A cupola topped the building and this cupola housed a clock and a bell.  The clock was made and installed by Isaiah Lukens a well-known clockmaker, inventor,  and resident of Horsham.  Restoration of the clock was completed by the end of 2015 as a final event of Hatboro's Tricentennial.  The Millbrook Society tells the story of the Loller Academy, the Lukens clock, and the restoration process.  $20.00 donation. All proceeds go directly to the Luken Clock Foundation.    





Colonial Land Tenure in Hatboro and Vicinity & the Settlement of Horsham Township by Charles Harper Smith with combined index (2016, published by The Millbrook Society) - Honoring the seventieth anniversary of the passing of Charles Harper Smith - renowned local historian, author, philanthropist, and Horsham resident - Milbrook reprinted Mr. Smith's most notable historic writings in one indexed volume -the Hatboro book (completed 1943) and the Horsham book (completed 1937).  This combined publication featuring a combined index is a valuable reference document for those researching genealogy, properties, and local history.  $20.00 donation.          



Images of America Hatboro (published 2000, by Arcadia Publishing) - This pictorial history of Hatboro, including parts of surrounding communities, was prepared by Millbrook's staff using images acquired by the Society in its archives and from the Regenhard Collection. 

$20.00 donation.  May also be found at area bookstores and other retail stores.      






Our Crooked Billet - The Story of Hatbourough (2016, published by The Millbrook Society) - This is a 16-page children's activity book telling a bit of Hatboro's nearly first 100 years of history.  A fun booklet mainly for elementary and middle school ages, it is full of facts, photos, puzzles, trivia, and some coloring, too.  FREE and normally available at Millbrook events.     


The Story of Hatborough - A Continuing History (2016, published by The Millbrook Society) - This is a 16-page children's activity book telling a bit of Hatboro's nearly second 100 years of history.  A fun booklet mainly for elementary and middle school ages, it is full of facts, photos, puzzles, trivia, and some coloring, too.  FREE and normally available at Millbrook events.