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Amy B. Yerkes Museum Collection 

Our museum is named in honor of Amy B. Yerkes - a local educator who made her mark as a dedicated teacher and then principal at the historic Loller Academy.  She also served as the first female trustee for the Hatboro Baptist Church.

Ms. Yerkes was born March 1883 and died in July 1962.  She is buried in Hatboro Cemetery.  The Yerkes family in Hatboro dates back to the early 1800s, and prior to that in Philadelphia.  The Yerkes' were retail merchants, preachers, politicians, lawyers, hotel owners, medical doctors, farmers, and teachers. The family also was influential in creating the Union Library of Hatboro, one of the earliest libraries in Pennsylvania.  

The Millbrook Society is proud to operate the Amy B. Yerkes Museum located on the second floor of the historic Hatboro Baptist Church, located at 32 N. York Road in the heart of Hatboro.  The museum is open to the public most Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30.  We welcome local groups interested in visiting us on dates and times outside our usual hours. 

The Millbrook Society's collection comprises historical artifacts, archives, photo archives, and a research library that reflect and support the Society's Mission and its three primary, interrelated activities:

PRESERVATION…by collecting and maintaining artifacts, documents, manuscripts, and maps.


Historical artifacts?

Three-dimensional objects with historical or aesthetic significance.


Historical records and documents.

Photo archives?

Images such as photographs, negatives, film, postcards, etc., and their electronic images.

Research libraries?

A collection of books and other printed and electronic resources used to support research.

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The general collection has grown to represent the growth of Hatboro and the surrounding areas.  It represents the life of our community over time!  You can learn about the life of our community through community, commercial, religious, educational, military, civic, and governmental artifacts.  


Many of the items in our collection are donated by local residents or families.  We take great pride in being able to preserve and share with the community these beloved pieces which they have entrusted to us. 


New items are always being added to our collections so keep an eye on our website or Facebook for updates. If you have items representing our local history that you would like us to consider preserving as part of our collection, we are happy to talk with you.  

Part of the annual membership dues to The Millbrook Society goes to maintaining our collection. 


If you are not a member of The Millbrook Society, we invite you to join us and our mission of preserving, protecting, and educating about our local history.  Please contact us at The Millbrook Society,, 215-957-1877 (voice message).


We gratefully appreciate financial donations earmarked for maintaining our museum and the collection. 


The Society participated in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's Hidden Collections Initiative for Pennsylvania Small Archival Repositories in 2012.  To see the result of this review and a detailed list of the collections, click here.

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