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The purpose of everything we do is to share our knowledge and passion with others in the community. Whether it is local or world history, everyone is welcome to learn and share with others who are just as interested and passionate.

Education is a core principle of The Millbrook Society's mission.

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The Society draws on its knowledge, experience, research and artifacts in designing and delivering educational activities. We can cover a wide array of topics germane to our local/area history and of interest and value to individuals, organizations, schools and the community. While our primary focus is on local history, we also welcome dialogue about any topic that is historical in nature.

Millbrook's educational initiatives include presentations, forums, archaeology, reenactments, living history, student projects, workshops, and walking tours. Activities are level-appropriate, interactive, and budget-friendly. We can deliver existing programs or customize an activity to meet your needs. We conduct activities at our site or off-site at your location.


We are happy and honored to work as your education partner! If your organization is interested in having us present an activity relative to topics of local or area history, please email or call The Millbrook Society at (215) 957-1877 or email us at

Reenactment and Living History

Staff and members of Millbrook are trained in reenacting the Colonial Period. We dress and act the part of local residents in the Hatboro and surrounding areas (like our past Colonial Room programs held at the Hatboro Baptist Church's Small Town Christmas event). We are often seen throughout the year in period dress at town and area events. During these events, we delight in educating the public on all manner of topics related to life in Colonial Hatboro!
If interested in learning more about our reenactment program, please stop in to the museum. We do have a moderate amount of costuming to allow our members to participate in programs. We also have several dedicated members who have purchased or made their own costumes and are willing to help members who would like to take that route.

Walking Tours

The Millbrook Society leads tours highlighting Hatboro's historic buildings and sites. Staff can customize tours of varying lengths, provide learning aids, and often dress in costume to enhance the learning experience.

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