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Current Projects Underway

Museum/Collection Assets Project - The project involves various components and phases and included:  reorganizing and documenting assets in storage; updating and labeling current displays; and cataloging and digitizing manuscripts, paper files, maps, photographs, slides, and film.  Volunteers are welcome whether or not you have experience with this type of work!  Contact us at if you would like to help out.        

Real Estate Records Project - Millbrook is the custodian of a number of real estate records formerly with Miller Cornell.  Staff members and volunteers are reviewing the deeds, wills, maps, and other documents in the property package, and then entering data from these records for relevant categories such as family names, name changes, property location and acreage, and other interesting information.  Millbrook is undertaking this project to make this information more easily accessible for those researching properties or genealogical information.  The project team can use volunteers to help with entering data and maintaining these files.  Contact us at if you would like to help out.    

Past Projects

Crooked Billet History Fair 2023

The Millbrook Society team is organizing a history fair promoting our local historical societies, historical organizations, museums, and others - local history is alive under one roof!  The event will be held Saturday, April 29, 2023 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m at the (former) Penypack School Auditorium in Hatboro.  The purpose of the event is to help these organizations promote education, preservation, protection, and awareness of local history.  Artifacts, historical books, photos, maps, artifacts, and other memorabilia showcasing local history will be on display. 

There are many more projects led by Millbrook since its founding.  Projects often are based on the strengths that each of the members can bring to it. Some departments and projects were shelved until someone comes around with the skills to continue them...or to start something new.  This is what makes Millbrook so unique!  No matter what interests or skills a person has, Millbrook offers something for everyone.

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