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Membership Makes a Difference

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“Forward into the Past” is more than just an intriguing “play on words”: they encapsulate our Mission! “We are driven-moving FORWARD-to inspire passion for preserving and protecting our local history-our treasured PAST.” Your membership helps achieve our Mission-together! 


Your membership in The Millbrook Society helped us conduct educational activities that remembered railroads, honored Hatboro’s history, memorialized manuscripts, investigated genealogy and advanced archaeology. We set educational displays with Union Library and served on the history committee for the future new Crooked Billet Elementary School. Your financial support provides for updating our historical wardrobe, maintains our museum displays and collection, as well as publishing our popular quarterly newsletter, Grist.


Millbrook also advocated for the VOTE YES referendum that help preserve the historic Union Library of Hatboro, its history and heritage of service to our community. Society staff also continues providing vigilance and voice during the Victorian Village project and its impact on the historic Boileau and Cressbrook properties to ensure historic protection and preservation remained top of mind. 


Your membership in our Society is what allows us to complete our mission each year! Funds raised through membership and other fundraising programs go towards operational costs of the Society, and sponsoring projects and events.


Without our members, none of what we do would be possible!

Membership in The Millbrook Society allows you FREE admission to attend most Millbrook-sponsored education programs. You will also receive a copy of our quarterly newsletter The Grist.

Please download, print, and complete the form and return to us via USPS along with your check payable to "The Millbrook Society." (See bottom of page for address.)


$18: Individual

$25: Family

$50: Patron

$12: Student or Senior (65+)

$150: Booster

$200: Fellowship

$500: Corporate Sponsor

$1,000: Life Membership

Share your talents with

The Millbrook Society

We all are volunteers and we always need volunteers to help run Millbrook, lead and support our projects and programs, as well as, to maintain some of the day-to-day operations of the Society.


If you are inspired by our Mission of preserving, protecting and educating about our rich local history, and you want to join a group that shares your interests and passion...


  • Archaeology/Historic Preservation

  • Costumes/Wardrobe (designing, sewing)

  • Education programs

  • Fundraising/Development

  • Genealogy 

  • General Admin (data entry, files management)

  • Interpreter/Oral History/Reenactments

  • Membership (data base, mailing, communication)

  • Museum/Archives (organizing artifacts/records, preservations, research)

  • Oral History/Historical Interpreter

  • Publications (writing, editing, researching, photography)

  • Staffing at events and activities

  • Website/Facebook (update, manage)

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